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Student so today we're going to be talking about Ben diagrams and we're going to use them in our characterization assignment now we've already done this graph with your classmates you guys got into groups and you had several didn't characters I've only listed Smith and Wolfson here and we had a bunch of different characteristics that they all have for this purpose is for today I've only done lazy hard-working kind and considerate rude and British now obviously for other things we would have Irish religious you know no soldier not soldier civilian blah blah blah blah blah all the way down however many you guys picked out but for this purpose we're just going to use these no you already have your graph filled out or you should have your graph already filled out um so today I'm going to show you how to turn this graph into a Venn diagram and then the Venn diagram is going to be a very nice useful tool for when you write your paragraphs on characterization so right now for Wilson we have that he is not lazy he is hardworking he is considerate he's not rude and he is British okay so in your Venn diagram what happens is everything in the orange circle represents what Smith is we do not put what Smith is not in this circle because I've just gets confusing so we're only going to put what Smith is in this circle and then in this circle we're only going to put what Wilson is in the shared space right here are going to either shared characteristics so over here are their separate characteristics over here is that sucker characteristic and in here is going to be the shared characteristic you guys go out of asking ok so for Wilson we're not going to put that he's lazy because we don't put negatives right so we're only going to put that he's hard-working he's kind and he's British oh well British is going to be over here okay so and then for Smith we have all these other characteristics Smith is lazy he's not hard working he is not considered he is rude and he is british so see how both Smith and Wilson are British that's a shared characteristic so that's why we put it right here in the center all right so lazy is going to be one of Smith's first characteristics it's going to be the first one we're going to put it with with this over and Smith circle lazy and then we have root or I put that over here all right and then over here we already have British for Smith you don't have to combine colors as long as you see that it's in the center area that's how you're going to know that it's shared you don't have to double list anything so just leave it you know just the one color so that's going to be how we're going to do this now when you write your Venn diagram you're going to be able you're winning write your paragraph excuse me you're going to be able to look at your Venn diagram and you're going to say okay I need to list off some characteristics and Smith hats but I need to not include the ones that he shares with Wilson so one of those things is you can say...
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